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APA|Atlanta’s New Board Member J...
Get to know our new Board Member John Fulton. Describe your photography style or aesthetic. I work within a wide gamut of subject matter but primarily of a conceptual nature often involving tight comps from the client and integration of retouching and CGI to artfully bring elements together. I gravitate towards blue collar subjects – industrial or
Get to Know Board Members Wedig &...
Wedig & Laxton is Tim Wedig and Andrea Laxton. Describe your photography style or aesthetic. We love to create images that are conceptual and tell a story in a stylish finish. How long have you been an APA member? Tim was an APA member as an assistant right out of college. He was an assistant
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APA|Atlanta is always looking for volunteers to join our Events Committee. If you’d like to be added to our ever growing volunteer list, please email director@apaatlanta.com.
Capture Integration 30% Discount for A...
Capture Integration wants you to know, “Our local community means everything to Capture Integration. While we are a national company, Atlanta is where we are rooted and where we began. To strengthen the local community and to give back, CI offers a 30% discount to all APA members. Looking forward to see you at our