Describe your photography style or aesthetic.

I describe my photography style as very “cinematic.” I generally craft my images to look like movie stills, where story plays a key role in the scene, feeling, or action of the charters/models.  I’m not a document or street photographer; I like to have control of a set so I can do a lot of editing in post. My influences range from Mark Twain to the Coen Brothers to The Far Side, so I’d say, there’s a thread of dark humor going through a lot of my work.

How long have you been an APA member?

I’ve been an APA member for 7 years and on the board for the last 4 years.

How has APA helped you professionally?

APA has be good from a networking standpoint. I’ve been able to talk shop with other members and that’s been helpful and sometimes inspiring. I certainly used the discounts and read a lot of the newsletters on copyrights. So APA has been a good resource.