Describe your photography style or aesthetic.

I like to describe my photography style as organic and honest. I look for a connection with my subject, whether it’s talking about their favorite song or favorite hot dog (I LOVE hot dogs). Conversations lead to natural reactions and emotions. People come into a shoot with me and think it’s going to be your typical, professional session without the fun factor. I like to build rapport first, entertain next, then get the shot. It’s been working for a while now and my clients love it.

How long have you been an APA member?

I’ve been an APA member for eight months, but I’ve made some great connections since joining. Before I became an official member, I had the opportunity to participate in a portfolio review which allowed me to learn my strengths as a photographer and marketer.

How has APA helped you professionally?

APA has helped me understand the importance of marketing, branding and personal growth. During my short time as a member, I’ve been able to reach out to seasoned photographers and learn about the large and small details I may have never thought about. From bidding to portfolio critiques, APA has been an integral part of my business and I look forward to broadening my skills with their help.