Atlanta Daylight Studio is hosting for the APA|Atlanta Portfolio Review on November 10th. It’s a great chance for APA members to check out this beautiful and unique studio.

Atlanta Daylight Studio is a spacious 3600 square foot studio located in the creative Westside district of Atlanta.  With multiple rows of windows, it is completely daylight controlled with the click of a switch.  Originally a 1920s Shell Oil facility, Atlanta Daylight Studio is a beautifully restored warehouse with metal riveted walls, beams and high ceilings.  Use it as a backdrop with character and history or bring your own look.

Atlanta Daylight Studio offers 2000 square feet of shooting space, spacious seating areas, a full kitchen, two separate bathrooms, a glam room and an exterior shooting deck overlooking Atlanta’s city skyline.  They also offer equipment rental on site.  They are all about nurturing creativity and supporting local and traveling photographers, directors and crews.

APA|Atlanta loves Atlanta Daylight Studio and so will you!