APA|Atlanta Digital Tech, Photo &

Production Assistant Members

Forrest Aguar

APA|Atlanta Assistant Liaison Board Member

Phone: 404-317-0912
Email: forrest.aguar@gmail.com
Yrs: 3
Film/Digital: Both
Specialties: Photo Assistant & Digital Tech with Full Capture Cart
References: Wedig & Laxton 917-743-6577
Travis Dorn 404-849-4647

Stephanie Eley

APA|Atlanta 2016 Photo Assistant Competition Winner

Phone: 757-239-0078
Email: stephanieeley@gmail.com
Yrs: 3
Film/Digital: Both
Specialties: I am a photo and production assistant proficient in portraiture with great organization and communication skills. I am proficient with Capture 1, Lightroom, Photoshop CC, Mac operating systems as well as Nikon and Canon Digital systems. I am very good at post-production on skin and environments and have freelanced for companies such as Turner Broadcasting. I have a Masters degree in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design.
References: Nick Burchell 312-502-2195
Andrea Dorsey 404-622-3086
John Armitage 404-247-5458

Mike Gentile

APA|Atlanta 2016 Photo Assistant Competition Winner

Phone: 727-247-5247
Email: mikegentileimage@gmail.com
Yrs: 1
Film/Digital: Both
Specialties: Photo Assistant | Video PA | Retoucher | Capture One, Adobe Bridge, Canon EOS Utilities
References: Jim Vecchione 301-495-1055
Leeman LeClair 561-635-9977

Oktawian Otlewski

APA|Atlanta 2016 Photo Assistant Competition Winner

Phone: 703-772-9048
Email: ootlephotoart@gmail.com
Yrs: 2
Film/Digital: Both
Specialties: Photo & Production Assistant
References: Ryan Gibson 770-547-7355
Scott Simon 770-547-2329

Ulrich Brinkmann

Phone: 404-992-1686
Email: ulrich.brinkmann@live.com
Yrs: 7
Film/Digital: Both
Specialties: Photo Assistant & Digital Tech
References: John Fulton 805-637-1043
Heath Patterson 404-861-3692

Todd Burandt

Phone: 770-598-7322
Email: toddburandt@mac.com
Yrs: 7
Film/Digital: Both
Specialties: Photo Assistant
References: Pat Molnar 404-431-8383
Michael Levine 917-913-8481

Marcie Cabarga

Phone: 404-844-9978
Email: marciecabarga@gmail.com
Yrs: 3
Film/Digital: NA
Specialties: Production Assistant & Production Kit Rentals for Location Shoots
References: Sarah Storrer 419-572-0547
Amanda Bertany 312-388-6755

Lisa Crosby

Phone: 478-538-6773
Email: lisacrosbyart@gmail.com
Yrs: 5
Film/Digital: Both
Specialties: Photo Assistant located in Forsyth, GA available for jobs  from Atlanta to Macon to South GA and West GA to Savannah. I shoot 35 mm film but would like to assist hybrid photographers and learn some film assisting(medium formats). I have assisted  weddings and portrait/fashion shoots with both natural/reflected light…off-camera flash and strobes. I can also second shoot (Canon Mark III).
References: Matthew Odom 478- 318- 7619
Catherine Ritchie Park 678 – 491-0213

Tim Davis

Phone: 404-550-0537
Email: tim@timgenius.com
Yrs: 8
Film/Digital: Both
Specialties: 1st Assistant, Production Coordinator, Set Builder
References: Tim Moxley 404-421-2411
Brian Woodcock 404-608-2624

Jace Downs

Phone: 213-327-7493
Email: jacedowns@yahoo.com
Yrs: 5+ in LA
Film/Digital: All digital cameras/formats, all 35mm film cameras/formats, some medium format film
Specialties: Photo Assistant, Lighting Assistant, Grip/Electric, Experience with tethered capture in Capture 1 and Lightroom (but not full digitech).  Frequently work in film and television for Gallery/Key Art shoots.  Member of ICG (IATSE Local 600).
References: Richard Cartwright 323-974-7054
Lucas Passmore 310-623-7452

Aspen Evans

Phone: 678-491-6021
Email: aspencierraphotography@gmail.com
Yrs: Emerging
Film/Digital: Digital
Specialties: Photo Assistant
References: Brittany Wages 678-925-2341
Tess Yaney 404-465-3874

Adrian Fuentes

Phone: 404-449-2289
Email: adrian@adrianfuentes.com
Yrs: 16 years (off and on – last 3 consistently)
Film/Digital: Both
Specialties: Photo Assistant; Digital tech-while not the most experienced, proficient enough to solve most problems that may arise.
References: Brian Gassel 678-517-8425
Tom Abraham 404-312-1680

Sean Gemmel

Phone: 512-964-3298
Email: info@seangemmel.com
Yrs: 1
Film/Digital: Both
Specialties: Lighting, Film Photography, DSLR Video Shooting, Video Editing, Photo Retouching
References: Harold Daniels 404-525-9623
John Haigwood 770-594-7845

Pat Hart

Phone: 404-345-0396
Email: pat@pathartphotography.com
Yrs: 1.5 (I’m a student at The Creative Circus.)
Film/Digital: 35mm film in addition to 35mm and medium format digital capture
Specialties: Photo Assistant (1.5 years), Phase One Certified Digital Tech (<1 year), Retoucher (1.5 years) My Digital Tech kit includes a Filmtools convertible cart, 2015 Macbook Pro, Capture One Pro 9, Lightroom and Photoshop CC, Color Checker, Sekonic 758DR Light Meter, Tether Cables, Pocket Wizards and sync cables, External drives, etc.
References: Dan Schultz 678-517-8155
Kevin Ames 404-931-9581

Wyatt Kane

Phone: 770-500-4489
Email: wyattkanephotography@gmail.com
Yrs: 2
Film/Digital: Digital
Specialties: Photo Assistant: 2+ yrs studio assistant for the Atlanta Photographers Guild. Proficient in Capture One Pro & Adobe Photoshop. Mac OS & Windows.
References: Marc Turnley 404.925.0024
M.A. Davidson 404.247.3705

Louis Lindic

Phone: 914-806-1937
Email: lmlfoto@yahoo.com
Yrs: 7
Film/Digital: Both
Specialties: Advertising, fashion, lifestyle, conceptual work. I am an assistant, Digi tech and retoucher.  Often I perform all three roles for clients. I find that the outcome is very smooth and provides optimal outcome.  I can and like to travel for work, and have connections in multi major cities that service photographers. Have a great working knowledge of : Canon, Nikon, Mamiya, Phase and Hasselblad camera systems;  Profoto, Bron Color, Dyna lite, Speedo lighting equipment. I thoroughly enjoy working with new clients and always strive to provide the finest work.
References: Harold Daniels 404-525-9623
Parlee Chambers 828-406-2932
Jeff Von Hoene 404-355-4422
Mike Carroll 704-607-7088
Nick Burcell 312-502-2195
Andrea Dorsey 404-622-3086

Brian Merwin

Phone: 616-308-9414
Email: brian@brianmerwin.com
Yrs: 7
Film/Digital: Digital
Specialties: I am a Phase One certified digital technician with over a decade of corporate IT experience (specializing in digital asset management) and I’ll arrive on location with a full digital capture mobile command center – everything required for keeping things running smoothly on set. I have extensive experience with Phase One, Hasselblad, Leica, Canon, Nikon, Sony camera systems (both DSLR and digital medium format), and can act as a vendor/supplier for camera & lens rentals. Once the shoot is wrapped I’ll also be available for high end photo retouching if you need it.
References: Scott Lowden 404-291-2621
Kelly Kline 917-848-6682
Dan McFadden 310-418-1823
Amanda Bertany 312-388-6755
Callie Householder 404-213-7087
Andrea Dorsey 404-622-3086

Eileen Morrow

Phone: 404-202-8001
Email: esmorrow07@gmail.com
Yrs: 2
Film/Digital: Digital
Specialties: Photo Assistant, Retoucher – Lightroom and Photoshop
References: Shannon Jimenez (re: photo assisting) shannondjimenez@gmail.com
Amanda Karns (re: retouching) doradocreative@gmail.com

Naomi Smith

Phone: 404-641-7581
Email: Smith.naomi1@gmail.com
Yrs: 3
Film/Digital: Both
Specialties: Photo Assistant
References: Josh Meister 678-571-1795
Patrick Heagney 404-788-7744
Nate Dorn 678-557-8069

Wilder Smith

Phone: 229-942-9560
Email: Jwildersmith@gmail.com
Yrs: 3
Film/Digital: Digital
Specialties: Photo & Production Assistant (3 Yrs), Assistant Camera (1 Yr)
References: Contact me for full-resume with list of references.

Patricia Villafane

Phone: 706-817-2513
Email: pvillafane21@gmail.com
Yrs: 1
Film/Digital: Both
Specialties: Photo & Production Assistant: Beginner level photo assistant, but very responsive learner, quick, strong, and reliable.
References: Kelly Kline 917-848-6682
Emilee Ramsier 646-215-0001

Brittany Wages

Phone: 678-925-2341
Email: brittanywages@gmail.com
Yrs: 7
Film/Digital: Both
Specialties: Photo & Production Assistant
References: Chris Carder 678-469-0601
Scott Lowden 404-291-2621
Andrea Dorsey 404-622-3086

Lynsey Weatherspoon

Phone: 205-253-0033
Email: hello@lynseyweatherspoon.com
Yrs: 3
Film/Digital: Both
Specialties: Photo, Production & Video assistant
References: Andi Rice – 205-902-0001
Matt Odom – 478-318-7619